Coconut Grove

The rustle and sway of tall, majestic coconut palm trees. The single, graceful coconut palm arching over a bit of beach, offering a respite from the tropical heat. Each image conjures a vision of Caribbean vacation bliss. Did you know that the coconut palm tree, symbolic of island life, is not in fact native to the Caribbean at all? Originally from the coasts of Africa and the Indian Ocean, these slender beauties were brought to the Caribbean by white colonizers years ago. A hardy tree, they have adapted supremely well to our tropical maritime coast and are now found as an invasive species here.

At Magens Bay Park, you can explore our very own Coconut Grove, a planned garden of coconut palm trees. Originally planted in rows by Arthur Fairchild, additional trees have seeded naturally in a random spacing between the taller trees. Stop by for a stroll in our shady grove, and experience a quiet retreat among these regal island beauties. While here, be on the lookout for the native plants and creatures that populate the park. Delight in the bounty of flowering plants-including the bright red bougainvillea, the fragrant hibiscus, and the national flower of the Virgin Islands, the yellow cedar. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for the crabs, lizards, and other small creatures that call our island home.

By Magens Bay Authority Travel